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Align-Pilates C2 Pro Reformer With Half Cadillac

Align-Pilates C2 Pro Reformer With Half Cadillac

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The C2-Pro RC is the fifth generation of our extremely popular C-Series reformer. This revised model builds on the excellent reputation of our best-selling C2-Pro Reformer, with the introduction of our new patent pending Rapid Change (RC) spring bar, together with a host of refinements to enhance the machines excellent studio credentials. The Rapid Change (RC) spring bar radically alters the ease and speed of adjusting your reformer, which is particularly beneficial in the group class environment where the C2-Pro RC excels. The spring bar can be adjusted with springs attached, with one hand in a single action saving up to 12 additional actions compared with most standard reformers.

The C2-Pro RC is stackable and can free-stand either with the optional new freestanding feet or if leg extensions are fitted, which in turn raise the bed height to 42cm versus the 24cm bed height of the standard machine. Like earlier Pro models in the C-Series, this reformer can accept either a Full or a Half Cadillac Frame making this the most versatile reformer in its class, whilst offering unparalleled value for money. In addition, the C2-Pro RC Reformer shares all the accessories with the C8-Pro Reformer and earlier C-Series reformers, meaning it sits perfectly alongside other C-Series machines. All our commercial reformers are light commercial warrantied at 27.5 hours per week.

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    Dimensions / Weight

    Dimensions:  239.5 (L) x 66cm (W) x 24cm (H)

    Weight:  59kg

    Product information

    Suitable for users 145cm – 193cm

    Max. user weight: 150kg

    What is included

    1 x C2 Pro RC Reformer With Half Cadillac


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