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AirTrack P3

AirTrack P3

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The P3 is the thickest AirTrack, measuring a height of 30 cm. This substantial thickness grants you the utmost flexibility in adjusting the pressure, making it suitable for athletes at all levels and stages of skill development. When set at low pressure, the AirTrack offers a soft surface that is ideal for practicing and perfecting new moves. As you gain proficiency, gradually increase the pressure to transform the AirTrack into a surface resembling a spring floor, allowing you to achieve impressive heights and enjoy exhilarating jumps.


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Product information

  • Pressure: Easily adjustable so it will suit any level of athlete
  • Storage: When not in use, you can easily carry it and set it against a wall
  • Transport: Deflated it fits in any storage or car

What is included

1x AirTrack


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