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aeroSling ELITE Accessories

aeroSling ELITE Accessories

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As you grow more accustomed to aeroSling Sling Training you can extend the aeroSling® ELITE Sling Trainer with optional accessories:

  • The Flex Handles are flexible loops, that can be connected to the grip carabiners. The Flex Handle XL is connected with both grip carabiners, so that the entire trunk or upper body can fit in the big loop. Perfect for explosive leg workouts.
  • The Rowstick is a stick with eyelets that allows you to expand your functional training with several possibilities. The bearing connector loops on both ends can be used to connect elastic resistance bands or the aeroSling ELITE.
  • The aeroSling® T-mount is a permanent high-quality anchor for quick and safe mounting to your wall or ceiling.
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