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Aerosling Certified Instructor

Aerosling Certified Instructor

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Aerosling Certified Instructor

This certification-seminar is designed for all Studio- and Personal trainers, Instructors and aeroSling-Enthusiasts that would like to teach and train aeroSling-Training on a professional basis. Ideally you have previous knowledge in the area of aeroSling-Training or at least a sound foundation in the area of Sport & Fitness. In this seminar our Master-Trainers will show you:

◦ What are the basic principles of aeroSling-Training and how to apply them

◦ How to install and use aeroSling effectively

◦ Which basic techniques are the foundation of aeroSling-Training

◦ How to train more focused with aeroSling-accessories

◦ Which advanced exercise/techniques make aeroSling-Training even more effective

After completing the 8 hour training you will be certified as an official aeroSling Certified Instructor.

The Aerosling Certified Instructor is given by the Aerobis Master Trainer Philippos Iacovides

This is the official AEROSLING certification course. 


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