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Aerobis Fitness Sandbag

Aerobis Fitness Sandbag

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The fitness aerobis sandbag offers a range of options, from the filling material to the handle type, allowing you to choose according to your preferences. By default, the sandbag is filled with either sand, water, or steel shots, depending on your needs. The stability of the sandbag varies depending on the filling level and the amount of air inside. This instability adds an extra challenge to your workouts, as you need to actively engage your deep muscles to compensate for it during every phase of your exercises. The handles are positioned on one side only, providing you with maximum freedom during fitness routines, without getting in the way of exercises that involve direct contact with the sandbag.

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Usefull information

Dimensions / Weight

Weight: sand comes in 10kg bags and the steel shot in 25kg bags. Load your sandbag yourself as needed.

Product information

  • Very flexible with 1-30kg training weight.
  • Loadable with water, our training sand or our steel shots.
  • Grip variations for any type of fitness workout.
  • Unique loop handles allow for swing exercises.
  • Includes loading funnel for easier sandbag loading.
  • The amount of air in the sandbag determines weight stability.
  • Extremely durable and waterproof PVC shell.

What is included

Package includes:

1 x Sandbag


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