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The Accelerator was designed to help athletes gain maximum acceleration more quickly and powerfully and sustain it for longer distances. Accelerator focuses on optimizing running mechanics and force of an athlete’s first 10 meters—when he or she is accelerating. With a 3-meter Slastix® attached to the waist belt, and to a fixed object (e.g. the wall), gain the benefits of resistance while accelerating for a full 10 meters. Ideal for martial arts and sports involving sprints.

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Dimensions / Weight

Streched: 10m long

Product information

• Padded harness fits over shoulders and is large enough to fit over shoulder pads
• Trains speed, agility, balance, quickness, and explosiveness

What is included

Package includes:

1 x Accelerator

1 x 3-meter heavy resistance Slastix, 

1 x Powerpull belt

1 x XL Anchor


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