Join the Soccer Showcase Cyprus 2023

Join the Soccer Showcase Cyprus 2023

Claim Your Soccer Scholarship to Study in USA: Join the Soccer Showcase

Do you have a talent for soccer and dream of studying in America? Then declare your participation now in the Soccer Showcase, which will take place on May 13th and 14th, 2023, at the AEL training center in Kolossi, and claim scholarships to universities in America.

The Soccer Showcase is organized by GDA Sports and All Around Sports, in collaboration with Pro Futuro Sports Agency, and is aimed at soccer players aged 16-20. During the Soccer Showcase, participants will have the opportunity to showcase their talent, train, receive feedback from coaches, and compete for an athletic scholarship to US universities.

The young talents will have the opportunity to enhance their training sessions with the use of premium equipment such as the Blackroll Roller Standard, Blackroll Ball, Hyperbands Minibands, and Hyperbands Syperbands to assist them in warming up, activating their muscles, and achieving a speedy recovery.

In addition to the training and tournament, participants will take part in physical and mental strengthening workshops as well as a networking event with their parents. With an athletic scholarship, athletes have the opportunity to study at the best universities in the USA while continuing to play sports at a professional level and participating in university championships.

It is worth noting that Mark Vulovic, the founder of Pro Futuro Sports Agency and a football scout with 16 years of experience, will participate in the tournament. With his help, 4000 athletes have received scholarships to sports schools and universities around the world.

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