Elevate your Soccer Performance

Elevate your Soccer Performance

Revolutionizing Soccer Performance with Flywheel Training

As top-tier teams and athletes worldwide continue their quest to outperform competition, soccer teams and professional players are increasingly recognizing the advantages of flywheel training in comparison to conventional weight training techniques. Flywheel training system provide comprehensive full-body training that perfectly aligns with the strength and endurance requirements of soccer, enabling them to gain and sustain a competitive edge.


Trusted by some of the World's Best Soccer Teams

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Enhance On-Field Performance through Strength and Speed Optimization 

Flywheel devices serve as the ideal training equipment for soccer (football) players, whether it’s the pre-season or off-season. Regardless of your skill level, flywheel training empowers you to:

  • Enhance Your Sprinting Ability: Elevate your speed on the soccer (football) field through sport-specific movements using the kBox training.
  • Over 70 Diverse Exercises: Develop strength right from the start by integrating weighted and explosive squats, lateral squats, and split squats with the kBox.
  • Safe Training with Eccentric Overload: Experience inertia-based training and controlled eccentric overload with the kBox, a scientifically-proven and secure method to boost strength effectively.


Stay Injury-Free

Utilize the kBox Soccer Systems to train your entire team with just a few kBox devices. These space-efficient and portable tools are perfect for coaches aiming to elevate their team’s performance.

  • Take advantage of the kBox’s space-efficient design and portability to promote injury prevention both on and off the pitch.
  • Implement variable resistance training with the kBox to address different strength needs and reduce the chances of overuse injuries.
  • Utilize the real-time data tracking capabilities of the kMeter to monitor and adjust training intensity, promoting safe and effective workouts.
  • Empower your players with the kBox’s controlled eccentric overload training, a scientifically-proven method to enhance strength while reducing injury risk.


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