5 tips for healthy sitting in the office

5 tips for healthy sitting in the office

No matter your occupation, chances are you spend significant time seated, whether during commutes, flights, or work hours. Mastering proper sitting posture to enhance both physical and mental health is crucial. So, consider: How can I mitigate the negative effects of prolonged sitting on my body? Here are some tips to promote healthier sitting habits.

1. Menspread: This position stabilises the pelvis and lower back. Place your feet as wide apart as possible. 

2. Footrest: Improves external rotation and flexibility of the respective hip. Place your foot on the knee of your opposite leg, then regularly change sides.

3. Lunge: Helps keep an upright posture. Sit on the edge of your office chair. Place one foot approximately half a metre in front of you on the floor. Place the back leg under the chair. Regularly change sides.

4. Heel Seat: Admittedly, many people lack flexibility for the heel seat. You can make this dynamic sitting position easier by placing a pillow under your butt. This position is also purported to have a positive effect on digestion.

5. One Legged Squats: Improves flexibility of the ankle joints and hips. Place one foot on the chair as though you were going to do a deep, one-legged squat. The other foot stays flat on the ground. Touch the backrest with your glutes. Regularly change sides.

Implementing these five tips for healthier sitting during your workday can greatly improve your well-being. For office workers seeking additional support, explore our collection of fitness and recovery tools designed specifically for office environments.

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