Being a Physical Therapist or a Fitness Professional comes with great responsibility, especially when dealing with people that had an injury in the past or are trying to overcome a recent injury. Functional Training is created to help human do better in their daily lives. Whether is an athlete trying to maximize performance in the field, a mother being able to play with her children and perform well on her daily tasks, or a person whose functioning ability is negatively affected by an injury, being unable to have the life quality he used to have.


Try to answer the following 5 questions!


If you are dealing with people who suffer from an injury then you are doing one of the most important jobs on the planet and thats why you need to have the right answers to the following questions (depending on your expertise – therapist or a trainer). By answering the following 5 question you can also identify if Rehab and Movement Summit 2017 is a seminar designed for you, as it reveals some of the main topics of our most specialized seminar. 


1) What is Functional Training and how does it help when dealing with people who suffer from an injury?


2) When is the right time for someone in the rehabilitation phase to start working on stability, mobility and strength? Also, how can you identify a red flag and what action do you take when you do?


3) What is injury prevention and how/when to apply when dealing with a person who is vulnerable to a specific injury?


4) How do you move from a symptom/diagnosis of a specific injury (eg. Ankle Trauma, Low Back Pain, Shoulder or Neck Pain) to it’s treatment and/or training?


5) What is Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization and how can it decrease pain and improve range of motion and function?


*We can send you the answers on your email address if you want to compare with what you’ve answered! Contact us to send you the answers!


We are doing extensive research for every single seminar we do and dedicate endless hours to create experiences as good as they can get. We are proud enough to say that all our courses are REMARKABLE. With Rehab and Movement Summit, we tried to create something really unique. Something that is missing. The small gap between who is doing what when dealing with injuries and the transition from therapy to training is of enormous importance. Rehab and Movement Summit is the ultimate combination of what the world of Therapy and the world of Functional Training have to offer as for Rehabilitation.


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