Celebrate Christmas with your loved ones. 

The favourite time of the year has arrived! Now is the time to enjoy Christmas with your loved ones by giving them ‘the gift of fitness’ this year. 

To enjoy Christmas celebrations this year, to  stay active and maintain healthy, there are many ways to achieve that. It is the season of giving, and there is no better way to express your love by spending time together with your family and loved ones, in fun activities, by being active too!

The act of giving a gift serves as a gesture of affection and love and there is no better way to express your love than giving the gift of health.

For this fun holiday season we have some suggestions on gifts for your whole family.

Here are 5 Christmas gift suggestions:

Lebert Equalizers​

The Equalizers is a multipurpose tool to help you reach your fitness goals. Portable to be taken and used everywhere.

Price: €119

AeroSling Elite

Extendable training platform allowing you to perform thousands of exercises, targeting full body strength and muscle coordination.

Price: €189

Exxentric Kpulley Go

Enhance your strength and train anywhere, anytime, with endless exercise variations: rotational, pull, push, limb movements and more.

Price: €1190-1350

Aerobis Massage Gun

Relax the tense after a workout. Stimulate the blood circulation and the elasticity of the muscles. Designed to be used for full body massage – legs, upper body or arms.

Price: €179

Blackroll Standard​

Give to your loved ones the opportunity to recover faster and better after every workout with the Blackroll Standard.

Price: €32.90 – €42.90

If you need more ideas for a Christmas gift make sure to check the gift ideas section!

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