Pre-Season Training Equipment

Pre-Season Training Equipment

All teams and professional athletes go for pre-season training. Solo and team sports usually utilize the same equipment, but team sports need that equipment in bulk. Over the years we collected data, what strength and conditioning coaches want, the needs of athletes, the necessities of physiotherapists and we realized we can deliver what they all need. Co-operating with the best companies globally, we prepared a list of must have items for pre-season training, that are easily portable, can be set up anywhere but most importantly give athletes the best results when it comes to sports performance! 

Balance Disc

Proprioception, stability and balance training. Easily inflatable/deflatable. 

Exxentric kPulley Go!

Portable, compact and efficient! The kPulley Go is a favorite among elite athletes due to its versatility and eccentric training capabilities.

Exxentric kBox4 Lite

The lightest kBox4 of the kBox series. Makes it ideal for athletes and teams that travel but don’t want to miss out from eccentric training.

Blackroll Booster

Can be used with all of Blackroll rollers, has a long battery life and is used for recovery and also activation.

Ancore Trainer

The cable training device that can be attached to almost anything! Train concentric, eccentric and isometric movements no matter where you are. 

Blackroll Ball

The Blackroll Balls come in 2 sizes, 8cm and 12cm. They are lightweight but offer the best quality of recovery massages.

Blackroll Mini

Great for self myofascial release in smaller areas, especially the plantar fascia.

Blackroll Groove

The Blackroll Groove is ideally used for activation during warmup. Due to the shape, it delivers vibration to the muscles and fascia.

Blackroll Standard/Pro

The Blackroll Standard and Pro are the No.1 choice amongst professional athletes and teams worldwide, when it comes to foam rollers and myofascial release tools.

Tirante Musculador

The famous Tirante Musculador (or else known as Barcelona straps) are compact and lightweight, delivering an efficient eccentric training session with bodyweight.

Hyperbands Superbands

Elastic resistance is a must in all types of training sessions. The Hyperbands Superbands are the highest quality anyone can ask for.

Hyperbands Minibands

Minibands from Hyperbands are great for activation and strengthening but are also small enough to fit in your pocket!

Blackroll Resistance Band

Blackroll Resistance Bands have textile that doesn’t bother the skin. Used for running technique development, stretching and strengthening.

Blackroll Loop Band

Used to target smaller muscle groups of the lower and upper limbs. Develop better balance, coordination and injury prevention.

Blackroll Multiband

The Multiband is elastic and fitted with soft fabric and multiple loops. The loops are used as handles which allow strengthening, mobility and coordination exercises under resistance.


Flowin is a mat that offers frictionless training. In combination with its pads, it allows athletes to perform bodyweight exercises at high intensity. Lightweight and easily portable.


The UltimateInstability Aquabags are loved in all sports. They are the ultimate tool for motor control, injury prevention and strengthening.


The Accelerator by Stroops was designed to help athletes gain maximum speed in shorter distances with more power and sustain it for longer.

Blackroll Duoball

Comes in 2 sizes, 8cm and 12cm. They are used to target muscles and fascia around the spine, without risking rolling on the vertebrae.


The FMS Kit screens and tests athletes and grades them according to their strengths and weaknesses. According to the grade, each athlete gets an exercise regimen to correct any weaknesses and overcompensations.

Y-Balance Kit

The Y-Balance Kit is used to predict risk of injury and functional symmetry. It is ideally used for athletes that are returning to activity either after an injury or after off-season.

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