Lebert fitness is a world leader as for functional training and group training equipment, with their products being used by millions around the globe.

We are really proud to announce that Marc Lebert, owner of Lebert Fitness and Creator of the Lebert Equalizer and the Buddy System will be in Greece for a one of a kind event on November 5-6, 2016.


Meet the Creator!

Whether you live in Greece or somewhere close, you really wanna be in Thessaloniki this November and grab the chance to work together with Marc Lebert. Marc, except his world-known creations, has also won many awards, including a place on the Top 100 Fitness Enterpreneurs in the Industry by FitnessBusinessInterviews.com, Silver Lining Top 10 Enterpreneurs Award and International Personal Trainer of the year 2015 by Neos awards.

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Get certified by the best, on the best!

Grab the chance to get certified as a LeBoot certified instructor and learn everything about the Lebert Equalizer and the Buddy System with Marc Lebert, and also get certified as a SRT Barbell instructor with Nikos Daflidis, creator of the Lebert SRT Barbell.

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What makes the Lebert Equalizer so special?

The Lebert Equalizer is the only tool that can be used for agility drills, as a weight to lift, a pull-up and dip bar, for incline push-ups, leg raises and many other compount strength moves, plus cardio drills, and then for stretching at the end of the session! It is considered to be the favorite tool of Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors, Coaches and lots of Fitness Professionals around the globe!

More info about the Lebert Equalizer click here

More info about the Lebert Buddy System click here


What is the next big thing in group fitness?

The ULTIMATE barbell class! Redefining everything we knew about barbell classes by adding more movement to every exercise with an inward or outward squeeze. The SRT Barbell Group Fitness Program is the next big thing in group fitness.

More info about the Lebert SRT Barbell click here

More info about the SRT Barbell Group Training Program click here


PIS Fitness role!

We are really happy to be a part of such a great event! PIS fitness, as the official distributors of Lebert Fitness products in Greece is ALL-IN, entirely committed in providing you with the best, both in products and education! For any detail about anything as for Lebert Fitness products in Cyprus and Greece we are by your side, so contact us anytime at info@pisfitness.com


This event will take place at Warehouse7 gym in Thessaloniki, Greece on 5-6 of November, organized by MP Balatsinos.


For more information about the event, contact us at info@pisfitness.com or give us a call at +35799787394





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