Functional training and again functional training!

It’s been almost two weeks since the leading Fitness expo is over and I’m still excited! The Heath Fitness Fitness industry is continuously evolving and guess what? It’s becoming more and more functional every year! So much stuff that mimic daily activities and tasks, with the purpose to get people in shape, make them stronger, better, more functional and improve their quality of life by helping them to cope with daily activities!

Some of those products are really worth sharing them on this blog post! Check out the videos that follow.. I’m sure that will get excited too!


One of the most impressive products of these year’s FIBO. it’s so damn good and it’s functional training 100%! Good job guys!


I just took a single round and I really felt how a good functional training station based workout could be!


Climbing an endless ladder! Jacobs ladder is really good! I even fell down the ladder because of my excitement!


We’ve all seen seen similar ladders hanging out of choppers on action movies! Being able to mimic the movement just about everywhere is fantastic!


So unstable, forcing your stabilizing muscles work their max!


The BEST products, are OUR PRODUCTS!

If you have any doubts, or thinking that i just say so because we officially distribute them in Cyprus, check out the following videos! You will see some cool, new stuff too! 🙂
(P.S. Some of the products demonstrated have just been launched and will soon be available by PIS Fitness).


As a conclusion I would like to promise to every Fitness enthusiast that our passion and dedication on providing you with the best equipment available is bigger than ever and that we will continue researching, testing and providing you with the best!



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