To all our hero fathers!

Father’s Day 2022 is more special than other years, during the pandemic we drove fathers crazy. Most fathers were constricted to the mundane daily chores and missed out of their favorite hobbies and pastimes. Now that times are better, it’s a great opportunity to get our fathers a gift they deserve that will help them get back to physical activities.

Even with all the things they fix around the house, the disposal of all the garbage and taking care of insects the rest of us wont get close to, some fathers find the time to have a workout. Certainly everything they use, has some wear and tear, so maybe it’s time he gets something new for his daily training session.

For this fathers day we have some suggestions on gifts your father might like. They deserve the best, even if they insist that they could have made it better.

To all the awesome fathers, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything.

Here are 10 suggestions from us for a great fathers day gift:

Lebert Equalizers

The Equalizers are lightweight and easy to store. You can take them anywhere and everywhere. One tool for endless exercises.

Price: €119

mini massage gun

Aerobis Massage Gun

Durable, beautiful, great grip and relaxes all your muscles. The Aerobis massage gun is state of the art.

Price: €179.00

Standard squat rack, also great to use for bench presses

Invincbl Squat Rack Standard

This squat rack is perfect for every father wanting a home gym without taking up too much space. It’s adjustable for different heights, which allows the user to perform squats, bench presses, shoulder presses and many more. 

Price: €349.00

Black Edition Kettlebells

For all the times they complained of being tired while carrying us to our beds, they deserve a strengthening tool. The Black Edition Kettlebells will make sure they continue to carry us, even at an older age.

Price: €18.90-144.90

Blackroll Standard​

Just like every father, the Blackroll standard is tough, effective and relieves pressure.

Price: €32.90 – €42.90

Performance bench adjustable at different angles

Invincbl Performance Bench

Made of quality steel, and precise joints and hinges, this adjustable bench is perfect for heavy weight workouts or just chilling with a cold beer in the garage.

Price: €499.00

The perfect jump rope for performing at high speeds

Jump Ropes

Skipping ropes made of metallic wire covered in plastic. This skipping rope was meant to be used at high speeds.

Price: €13.90 – €24.90

Hyperbands Superbands

Durable elastic bands used for strength training or supplemental to weightlifting and even used as assistance in bodyweight exercises.

Price: €17.90 – €39.90

an alternative to kettlebells, the safer sandbells


Sandbells are meant to be tortured. Grab it, throw it, slam it, carry it. It’s supposed to be fun, safe and give you a great workout.

Price: €24.90 – €169.90

Invincbl Hex Bar

A hex bar or trap bar is perfect for strength and conditioning for fathers. Makes deadlifts more efficient and you also get to train for carrying all the groceries and garbage bags! 

Price: €239.00

If you need more ideas for a fathers day gift make sure to check the rest of our online shop.

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