This is the time of year, again! This is what we’ve all been waiting for and working for so hard for the past year! It’s the time for Functional training expedition 2017!


Here are 7 Surprising Facts about the Functional Training Expedition 2017:


1 – Finest selection of Speakers


We are really proud as this year we have managed to come into one-of-a-kind agreements with some of the most respected names in the fitness industry. We can’t reveal their names yet, but we could just give you a little hint.


2 – Established, colossal venue

FTE17 7 FACTS 2 1

If you attended a Functional Training Expedition in the past, you already know how serious we are with the hosting location. We have kept things simple, yet remarkable, keeping the same hosting venue – European University Cyprus, utilizing the highest in standard facilities that can literally host more than 500 participants.


3 – New, redesigned course schedule


Functional Training Expedition 2017 course schedule is taken into a whole new level. 18 unique periods, including the latest and best courses around Functional Training, Sports Performance, Injury Prevention, fascia, motivation, inspiration and entrepreneurship in the fitness industry.


4 – Appreciation


We really appreciate the continuous support shown by each and every one of you who has joined a Functional Training Expedition in the past. Functional Training Expedition has grown really big and that’s because of you! We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you – Let us surprise you and show how much we appreciate your support!


5 – Living Memories

FTE17 7 FACTS 5.2

Lets remember the last years great memories, and let us create together some new unforgettable moments. Functional Training Expedition 2016 will be living in our memories and be remembered as something really special. Let’s take a look at what happened last year! If you havent seen the Aftermovie video of the FTE2016 yet check it out!


6 – Collective Giveaways


Last year we introduced the KEEPITFUNCTIONAL signature series backpack, that was given for free to all fully registered participants. As for this year? We have managed to create something really, really cool. It’s something that you will instantly fall in love with!  


7 – A special announcement day

FTE17 7 FACTS 7 1

Everything comes to a special day for the announcement of the Functional Training Expedition 2017 features, including dates, speakers, courses and prices plus a lot of surprises. Save the announcement date: January 29 at 18:00 


We will announce everything on the 29th of January at 18:00 -> here <- and live on our -> Facebook Fan Page <-


We are super-excited, as this year, FTE2017 will be bigger than ever! We promise you that this will blow your heads off!


This is the best Functional Training Expedition we’ve ever made!



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