THIS. WILL. BE. HUGE. Functional Training Expedition is our biggest seminar and we dedicate endless amount of effort to create the ultimate live experience. If you are a health specialist, fitness professional or physical therapist, you cannot miss FTE 2019 for the following 5 reasons:


1) Breakthrough Courses

Functional Training Expedition subjects

We have carefully created every single course to offer nothing but value, with absolutely the latest and best in Functional Training. FTE 2019 courses cover topics like performance optimization, reflexive stability, injury prevention, hip/ thoracic spine mobility, warmup strategies, flywheel inertia for explosive strength, the latest updates in sports medicine, metabolic training, recovery, sleep, fascia regeneration, screening and more. We promise that with the learn-by-doing approach of the courses you will be instantly blown away and dramatically improve the quality of your sessions!


2) Remarkable Speakers

Finding the right speakers can be challenging. Especially when we set the standards to the highest level. When looking for speakers we don’t look for Instagram followers or YouTube views. We always work with speakers who have worked with the biggest names in pro sports, the Leading National Teams, sports teams in the NBA or the Bundesliga, doctors that are behind the biggest research institutes globally or head coaches behind specific training methods. FTE 2019 speakers are remarkable.


3) Remarkable Speakers (continued) – Dr. Med. Lutz Graumann

Dr. Lutz Graumann is a Medical Doctor that specializes in sports medicine with a focus on performance enhancement. With decades of conducting numerous researches (since 1994) in the USA, Canada and Germany, various foreign assignments with the German Army, being the Head of Education at BLACKROLL®, Founder of Sportmedizin Rosenheim, Founder of Quest Vitality, Director of Performance Medicine at Tignum, Sports Medicine Consultant and Team Physician at the German Ice Hockey Federation, Author of the best selling book “Functional Fascial Training with BLACKROLL®” and Guest Lecturer at varius Universities around the world. This is a really great example of what we mean by saying “Remarkable Speakers”.


4) Signature series giveaways to the next level

fte2019 blog4

Every year we provide the participants of the Functional Training Expedition with a specific giveaway. This will be an Anniversary Seminar for the 5 years of the Functional Training Expedition and we have managed to create something really good. Expect an anniversary level, mind-blown collective giveaway that will help you with something you do every day! Enough said, it will be a surprice! 🙂


5) We celebrate 5 years of Functional Training Expedition! 

Functional Training Expedition anniversary

It’s been already 5 years since the first Functional Training Expedition and we couldn’t be prouder of how much it has grown. To celebrate 5 years of our biggest seminar, we offered the first 50 FULL registrations for €229 (instead of €399 which is the normal price). This sold out really early and the first 50 full registrations are now gone! After several requests to extend the anniversary offer, we have launched another 20 spots with the exact same discount. In case you missed one of the first 50, make sure to reserve a spot soon as the extra 20 won’t last long!




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