Functional Training Expedition is our biggest seminar and the most talked-about fitness event of the year and there are a few reasons why. If you are a fitness professional, a strength and conditioning coach or a physical therapist, you cannot miss FTE2018 for the following 5 reasons:


1 – Find out what will be “in” tomorrow

Functional training with the Exxentric kBox

We have identified what works and what not, what is the future and what belongs to the past! We are spending enormous amount on time and effort in Research and Development. And not just us. Our R&D team consists of several market leaders in Functional Training, Fascia Training and collaborate with a few German research facilities and institutes, directly or via our partners. Are you wondering what’s working and what not? We have already figured out what the future has in store and we are doing it at the Functional Training Expedition.


2 – Functional Training is the ONE

Athlete working out with the Revvll One

Functional Training is undoubtedly the most beneficial training method globally! Whether in Personal Training sessions, Group Training sessions, for sports performance, Rehabilitation, injury prevention or aesthetics, Functional Training is the king! Functional Training Expedition is the most specialized seminar as for Functional Training and our BIGGEST, by far! Be among the hundreds of participants that are already part of the movement. Be a part of SOMETHING BIG.


3 – A trainers job is NOT to train people!

A FUNctional workout with our favorite battle ropes

What is a trainer’s real job? To train people right? Well not exactly! A trainers job goes beyond that and also comes with great responsibility. It positively influences people’s lives! It changes them. That’s why someone goes to a trainer! An athlete wants to perform better, an everyday guy wants to be better in life (either physically or mentally), and someone who had an injury to overcome that injury and be functional again. Well, great responsibility has to be supported with the highest level of knowledge. And that great responsibility can be mastered at the Functional Training Expedition and help you realise your true power as a trainer!


4 – Surround yourself with GREATNESS

Blackroll methods at the functional training expedition 2018

Imagine that you are part of an expedition to reach the top of mount Everest! Imagine having all the tools, maps, knowledge, skills, the passion, the expertise and being with people who have been there before. Sounds good ah! Now imagine the exact opposite. Imagine not being part of this expedition, being by yourself, having the wrong tools and insufficient knowledge and expertise! The exact same thing stands for the Functional Training Expedition, but with a greater purpose. Be a part of the Expedition and lets turn our world into a more functional one!


5 – Functional Training Coach Level 1

Chris Gamperl, one of our main speakers at the Functional Training Expedition

For the very first time, we would like to introduce you to something that never happened at the Functional Training Expedition before. A seminar designed in a way to guide you through every single element of Functional Training, from A to Z, and help you become the best functional Training coach you could ever be. This course is designed by Chris Gamperl (Germany) and Jim Ferris (USA), applying decades of experience in the highest level of sports performance and functional training. Be the best coach you could possibly can with Functional Training Coach Level 1.







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