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 SRT Barbell™ Group Training


Featuring the Lebert SRT Barbell™, SRT Barbell Group Training offers the ULTIMATE in barbell classes! Imagine every strength training movement you can think of using a barbell plus added movement, increased muscle activation and variable resistance using SRT™ Spring Resistance Technology. This high-energy class developed by fitness celebrity, Sharon Mann, utilizes every muscle taking regular exercises like a bicep curl and adding crazy chest and deltoid activation via adduction and abduction made possible by “springing” in and/or out with each rep.


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SRT Barbell Group Training Program has a duration of 45 or 60 minutes.


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Stage 1: Warm Up (5-10 mins)


Start the SRT Barbell Group Program with the warm up stage. Start the class with some basic exercises for warmup and then some inward/outward movements with the use of spring resistance that will get your body ready for the ultimate Barbell Class.


The Lebert SRT Barbell is a one of a kind workout tool, allowing all traditional barbell exercises plus inwards and outward squeezes with the use of Springs and then some more. By offering almost infinite exercise options, you are only limited by your imagination. Get ready for some thrilled participants. Just wait till they squeeze. 





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 Stage 2: Body Of The Class (30-35 mins)


Continue with the main body of the class. Start with a 10-15 min Lower Body workout with lots of squats, lunges and deadlifts, all "springed". Then proceed with 10-15 min Upper Body exercices like spring resistance-added push ups, back rows, shoulder presses, skull crushers and bicep curles with inward/outward squeeze. Then move to some core exercises for another 10-15 mins, including jack knifes, mounain climbers and burpees. 


The SRT Barbell group training program can be customized according to participants needs and instructor wants! You can either follow a traditional barbell class approach with added Spring Resistance, or do it completely your way and  give your signature to the class!





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Stage 3: Cool Down and Stretching (5-10 mins)


Finish the workout by lowering the intensity of the program and by doing some some static and dynamic stretches. The SRT Barbell can also be used to assist you to a lot of different stretches.


It is essential for every workout/group program to be finished with stretching, allowing your muscles to recover much faster and avoid muscle sorenes/ache. 








Running the SRT Barbell Group Training program at your facilities requires the following:

A) The use of Genuine Lebert SRT Barbell products only

B) The trainer of the course must be certified as a Lebert SRT Barbell certified Instructor.


For more information about bringing the SRT BARBELL GROUP TRAINING at your facilities contact us

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