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Functional Playground™


We specialise in Functional Training. Our products have been considered to be some of the best in the world. And this is not just our opinion. Hundreds of testimonials around the world prove that our products are probably the most FUN, Effective and Versatile. We couldnt agree more!

After years of expertise and passion in doing what we love, we present you the FUNCTIONAL PLAYGROUND. The most versatile, fun and effective group training program ever. FUNCTIONAL PLAYGROUND is perfect for every facility - indoor or outdoor, from small group/personal training studios to the biggest fitness centres.

FUNCTIONAL PLAYGROUND is carefully created by applying the major Functional Training principles with the purpose to help people become better by utilizing a combination of products that are: a) best selling, b) can be used indoor or outdoor, c) most effective, d) suitable for everyone, e) lots of different exercises can be done and f) most fun.




The Functional Playground group session includes several products arranged in a row of “stations”, where each station consists of a certain exercise. A specified work/rest period applies (eg. 30 sec work/ 30 sec. rest) where participants perform resistance training exercises using what else but some of our best functional training tools.



Type: Mix of Strength training and Cardio

Duration: 30, 45 or 50 minutes

Stations: 2 - 15 (depending on the number of participants)

Benefits: Whole body challenge with maximum results in minimum time









Station 1: Lebert Equalizer

Station 2: Aerosling or Blackthorn Sling Trainer

Station 3: Sandbell, Blackpack or K-Bag

Station 4: Aquabag or Kamagon Ball

Station 5: K-Well Vinyl Dipping Kettlebell or K-Well Competition Kettlebell

Station 6: K-Well Big Ball, Giant Functional Ball or Slam Ball

Station 7: Stroops Accelerator

Station 8: Blackthorn Battle Rope or Stroops The beast Battle Rope 

Station 9: Power Clubs or RMT Clubs

Station 10: BOSU

Station 11: K-Well Soft Plyobox (All-in-one) or K-Well Steel/Wooden Plyo box or K-Well Dado box 

Station 12: Lebert Buddy System

Station 13: K-Well Functional Revolve

Station 14: Revvll Pro

Station 15: Flowin or Slideboard or K-Glide


The use of Functional Playground genuine equipment, as stated above, is essential. Any other brand and/or type of equipment is strictly prohibited. The number of products depends on the program structure and the number of participants.


For more information about bringing FUNCTIONAL PLAYGROUND at your facilities contact us

Please note that FUNCTIONAL PLAYGROUND is a property of PIS Fitness. Any unauthorized use of FUNCTIONAL PLAYGROUND logos, videos and/or any other type of media it is strictly prohibited