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Lebert Equalizer™ Group Training


Who doesen't love the Lebert Equalizer? Available in Bright Yellow, Vibrant Lime, Hot Pink, Black and Chrome! Used in almost every gym/fitness center around the world in group training sessions and not only, the Lebert Equalizer is considered to be the present and the future of functional training! Featured in thousands of videos online and used by hundreds of hollywood-grade celebrities, the Lebert Equalizer is the ultimate fitness tool. Do you know why? It's the only tool that can be used for agility drills, as a weight to lift, as a pull-up and dip bar, for incline push-ups, leg raises and many other compound strength moves, plus cardio drills, and then for stretching at the end of class!


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Lebert Equalizer Group Training Program has a duration of 45 or 60 minutes and breaks down to the following 3 stages: 


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Stage 1: Obstacle Course - Warm Up (10-15 mins)


Start the Lebert Equalizer group training program with an Obstacle course with agility drills, rolling, crawling and jumping. The Equalizers are arranged in a circle  and participants start moving over every obstacle, by jumping over, crawling under or performing dynamic drills. After the obstacle course, participants grab an Equalizer each and perform several warmup excercises to get them ready for the workout.


Lebert Equalizer Group Program Obstacle course is one of it's kind as the participants are able to do a variety of drills, jumps and crawls in almost infinite configurations



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Stage 2: Body of the Class (30-35 mins)


Continue with the main body of the class and choose whether to follow a station based circuit (Part A), or a group instructed class (Part B).


Part A: Circuit based, where the Equalizers are put in a circle of stations, where each station consists of a certain exercise. More than 100 exercises are possible, from Dips, to Back Rows, to Chest Presses, to Tricep Presses, Bicep Curls, Mountain Climbers etc.

Part B: Group instructed, where participants pick a pair of Equalizers each and proceed with the exercises shown by the instructor at the front.


The Lebert Equalizer is so versatile that allows the body of the class to be divided into two options. Choose the one you prefer and give your class your signature, or even choose randomly once  a while, surprising the participants. They'll love it!




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Stage 3: Cool Down and Stretching (5-10 mins)


Finish the workout with the cool down and stretching stage. The Lebert Equalizer is also a stretch device just by itself, allowing a ton of different stretches that will excite every participant. Stretch every muscle like never before,  recover faster and get yourself ready for your next Lebert Equalizer Group session. 


The stretching/cool down stage is extremely important for every group training program. The Lebert Equalizer opens a whole new world for stretching exercises.








Running the Lebert Fitness Group Training program at your facilities requires the following:

A) The use of Genuine Lebert Equalizer products only

B) The trainer of the course must be certified as a LeBoot certified Instructor.


For more information about bringing LEBERT EQUALIZER GROUP TRAINING at your facilities contact us

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