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Blackroll™ Group Training


Working out with BLACKROLL® has been established in the Functional Training, (performance) top sports and manual therapeutic scene for some time. BLACKROLL® offers people of all ages and sport levels the possibility to improve their flexibility, balance, mobility and strength by doing simple exercises and performing self massage.

BLACKROLL is a multi-award winner, e.g. The Physio Award: Biggest Benefit for Users, trusted and used by hundreds of elite athletes, including soccer teams e.g. German National Team, French National Team, Bayern Munich, Czech Republic national team etc, elite Tennis Players, Olympic games Gold Medalists and a ton of other pro athletes. We bring you all the above in a Group Training Program, completely different than any other, the Blackroll group training program!


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Blackroll Group Training Program has a duration of 30 or 45 minutes and breaks down to the following 3 stages: 


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Stage 1: Preparation (5-10 mins)


Start by doing simple SMR (Self Myofascial Release) exercises to prepare your body for the workout. Spend approximately 1 min on each muscle group, starting from the calves, hamstrings, glutes and back, then proceed to shins, and quads and finish the preparation with the IT Band and the side of your pecks. 


The Blackroll can be used as an effective tool to improve blood circulation that will not only get you warmed up, but it will improve, oxygen and nutrient rich blood, to flow and can help benefit the heart and the body's muscles and arteries.



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Stage 2: Workout & Mobilization (10-15 mins)



Continue with the Workout and Mobilization part.  This includes several exercises to activate your core and muscles and increases your mobility, strength and flexibility. Blackroll offers a ton of exercises like mountain climbers, several plank/sideplank variations, lunges with rotation, hamstring curls, bridges, deadlift variations, squat variations and a lot more, along with several mobility exercises.



The Blackroll can also be used as a workout tool, offering a lot more exercises that any other SMR tool can offer. It can be used for balance to either stand, lay or roll on, as an external weight to lift (less than 200g for movement preparation/activation), as a guide/corrective tool for exercise execution, as a hurdle to jump over, plus a lot more.




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Stage 3: Regeneration & Recovery (15-20 mins)



Finish the group program in the same way an elite athlete would do: with regeneration & recovery. Start rolling each and every muscle group and spend as much time needed in each part. Roll in detail with slow movements, releasing any soft spots by pressing harder and releaving pain, and then with some inwards outwards rotations. You will recover much faster and be amazed of how your body would feel the following days.



The regeneration and recovery stage will Prevent muscle pain and avoid typical injuries and muscle damage that occur from overuse. It specifically targets regeneration of the muscles and increase blood circulation and stimulates more nutrient-rich blood to circulate, soothing your skin’s appearance and reducing cellulite.








Running the Blackroll Group Training program at your facilities requires the following:

A) The use of Genuine Blackroll products only

B) The trainer of the course must be certified as a Blackroll certified Instructor.


For more information about bringing BLACKROLL GROUP TRAINING at your facilities contact us

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