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Aquabags™ Group Training


Get ready for the Aquabags group training. Whether you are a seasoned fitness fanatic or just starting to work out, the aquabags group training program will help you to improve your fitness, core balance and get you in shape. The aquabags are used by professional athletes and weekend warriors and built to improve overall performance, boost core power and optimise motor learning. 


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The Aquabags Group Training Program has a duration of 45 or 60 minutes and breaks down to the following 3 stages: 


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Stage 1: Warm Up - Feel The Water (10-15 mins)


Start with simple/basic movements like squats, lunges, deadlifts and back rows and start to feel the water shifting inside the aquabag while you move. Then move to a bit more complex excercises, where the shifting water will get your stabilizing muscles ready for the workout. 


The Aquabags shifting water provides in-weight instability where stabilizing muscles are getting fully activated. It is essential to include low complexity/controlled movements like woodchops, and lunges with rotation to the warmup stage.



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Stage 2: Main Body - Generate Impact (30-35 mins)


Continue with the main body of the class and get a full understanding of why the Aquabags will embarass every athlete! Make sure to choose a load you can handle! During the body of the class, a lot of upper/lower/full body multi joint and complex exercises are done. Water is continuously shifting, challenging your core to the max. Excercises include dynamic shifting lunges, single leg dedlift to overhead raises, all-around-the-world and squats-to-leg raises. 


The Aquabags are an extremely helpful tool when it comes to strengthening the core, working the stabilizing muscles and preventing injury. There are several regressions and progressions of each movement/exercise. Participants of the group program must do the exercise level that are suitable to their fitness level.





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Stage 3: Cool Down and Stretching (5-10 mins)


Finish by cooling down your body with simple exercises and then some stretching/SMR. It is extremely important to recover properly after the Aquabags Group Training as the workout is probably the most challenging ever, working to the max every movement and muscle group, providing unbelievable results. 












Running the Aquabags Group Training program at your facilities requires the following:


A) The use of Genuine Aquabags & Aquaballs only

B) The trainer of the course must be certified as an Aquabags certified Instructor.


For more information about bringing AQUABAGS GROUP TRAINING at your facilities contact us

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